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“Easy to use...” “I was able to set-up my senior league in about 15 minutes.Teams, schedules, rosters and all.” - Vern Terhune


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I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased my members and I am with our selection of to manage our golf league. Below are a few key items that both my members and I have seen as improvements from our previous software and processes.

  • The members love the fact that that their stats, scores and points are displayed much sooner due to the ease of input I have with your Web based application.
  • The home page speaks for itself. Everything most members want to see right on the very first page.
  • I used to spend about 30-45 minutes in the office the day after our league played to post, calculate, and publish the results of each round. I now spend about 10 minutes the night of the round keying in the strokes, and everything else is totally automatic. Unbelievable!
  • My previous process evolved over several years. Originally everything was in spreadsheets, and then we migrated to a Windows based golf league application. This application required five separate processes after entering the strokes, and even then another to perform a backup of the data. This turned what was once enjoyable into almost a full time job. I came close to quitting the league last year. This year I found, which has given me back the enjoyment of playing in our league.
  • Other programmers appear to either understand software development or running a golf league. You have an excellent understanding of both!
  • One last comment, I really liked the way you handled: the segregation of sub points; absent player logic; and the calculation of a handicap for league members prior to them establishing an actual handicap. Nicely done! We look forward to using your service for some time.

Best Regards,
Cal Settle
Secretary, Neapco Golf League


After 35 years of homegrown spreadsheets and manual calculation, has revolutionized and simplified every aspect of managing the Top Flite League.

From opening day to the Championship match and the off-season, the 'LG' system provided us with easy access to all league data and contact information. The 24/7 availability of 'LG', even on mobile devices, helped us track handicaps, matches and standings at all times, anywhere. Even while on the course!

Weekly Statistics used to require more than four hours of gathering cards, data entry, and emailing results to players. It was often days before anyone knew how matches turned out. Nothing was online.

Thanks to, stats now take only 15 minutes to enter, and results are instantly and permanently available to everyone on the Home page. It has made managing our league easier and more accurate, overnight. The players appreciate even more than the officers!

The whole season is posted in the Schedule. Contact information for the whole league and subs are visible on the Roster. The Bulletin Board allows the Officers and players to reach the whole league with a single post and get feedback. This helped when it was necessary to cancel play at the last minute due to inclement weather, as well as when someone needed a sub to play for them.

The clever Postpone feature allowed cancelled and future matches to elegantly "slide" back to the following week on the Schedule. Actual scores for every match are available on the Scores page. instantly revolutionized our 35-year-old golf league management, and yet offers many more features and options than we need. Multi-flight and multi-course leagues will find everything they need and more built into the system, and easy to use.

As avid players themselves, the team at 'LG' knows that each league is different. Their customer service was constantly available and ready to reply with personal responses to every question and need we shared. Between the features they offer, the continuous enhancements, and the superior customer service, we cannot imagine a better online league management system.

Matthew Krapf
Top Flite Golf League