Only $119 Per League

“ adds a new level of fun to league golf play.” “The tedious parts to league administration are simplified and the players love to get online and check out the stats and rankings week-to-week. ” - Brian Wilson


We have competitive pricing options for all league levels from beginner to advanced. Our features allow your league to grow based on need and budget. All our products come with a 21 day FREE trial.

League Golfer Web

$119 / year 1

  • Access to league's website
  • Unlimited golfers
  • Required for all leagues
  • 1 Maximum 52 events
  • FREE 21 day trial
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League Golfer Mobile Upgrade

$6 / Full Time Golfer / Year 1

  • Requires League Golfer Web
  • Optional upgrade to Web
  • Subs are free
  • 1 Maximum 52 events
  • FREE 21 day trial
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How to purchase?

  1. Sign up for our 21 day free trial
  2. Purchase League Golfer Web from your league’s home page at $119 per league per year (or 52 events, whichever comes first)
  3. To upgrade to League Gofler Mobile, go to your league's settings -> Mobile Settings.

In order to use the optional mobile app, the league manager needs to subscribe to mobile access for the entire league (all full time and all subs) from our website. No fees will be paid by individual users of the mobile app at the time of download or as an in-app purchase. Their mobile access will be granted en masse once the league manager subscribes the league to mobile app access. Subs are free. Both web and mobile access come with our 21 day FREE trial that starts when your league starts play, not when you register.

Why does the whole league have to pay $6 per full-time golfer to use mobile? Why can't just the users who download or use it pay?

Your mobile app users will use and consume our mobile services for every golfer of the league regardless if they've downloaded the app. For example, at the end of the round, you're entering scores for the entire league, not just a handful of people. You're holding us accountable for maintaining, scheduling, scoring, handicapping, contacting, etc. EVERY golfer on the mobile app.