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Math Kids by League Golfer Features

Free math practice and quiz tutor for all your students.

Create Student Profile

Create Student Profiles

Each student is configured by you based on grade level from pre-K to eigth grade. Grade levels automatically increase in difficulty and available operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) based on an accredited school's curriculum. We dare you to try the "Insanity" level.

Multiple Student Profiles

Multiple Student Profiles

Multiple students are supported simultaneously allowing you to fine tune the difficulty and test duration for everyone in your family (including the adults).

Practice Session Settings

Practice Session Settings

Practice sessions allow you to fine tune the operations and number range you want to work on. For multiplication, you can choose sequential or random order of questions and the number tables to work on.

Answer Right to Left

Answer Right to Left (R to L)

As the difficulty of questions increases, it's near impossible to answer them all typing Left to Right. For example, 51 minus 28 could be answered by typing "2" and "3" for "23". Using our typing direction setting of "R to L", you can type the numbers in reverse order of "3" then "2" for your answer of "23".

Results Summary

Test and Practice Results Summary

As students complete either a test session or practice session, a summary of results will be shown.