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“LeagueGolfer.com adds a new level of fun to league golf play.” “The tedious parts to league administration are simplified and the players love to get online and check out the stats and rankings week-to-week. ” - Brian Wilson

League Golfer Web's features:

We Support the Worldly Handicap System!

You can setup your league to follow the new, post-2020 Handicap System of the World (HSofW) approved by major golf associations (or keep the previous pre-2020 system or use your own handicap system). We've incorporated the most important rules and formulas documented widely across the internet like max net double bogey via Equitably Stroke Control (ESC), course/match handicap in relation to par, and eight rounds counting towards handicap. To find out more, go to your league settings -> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Easy League Set-up

Easy League Set-up

Initial setup of League Golfer Web (LGW) will consist of five easy steps and takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. We've done the hard work for you and your league will then be created with the most common settings such as points, tiebreakers, handicap calculations, ghosts/absences, etc. and be ready to use immediately! Upon completion of the five basic steps, you'll also be granted access to the advanced settings area to change all settings.

Automatic Handicap Calculations

Automatic Handicap Calculations

You define the number of rounds used, the number of low/high rounds to drop, the percent multiplier, and Equitably Stroke Control (ESC) and everyone's handicap will be automatically updated as you play. Those handicaps will automatically carry over to the printed scorecards, match calculations, and after handicap skins game. Save time and improve accuracy without doing a thing.

Robust Scheduling Module

Robust Scheduling Module

Making a league schedule is a chore with other league management software. It's literally one click away on LGW. Random schedules, pairings, rain outs, and event date adjustments are automated. Even position events are a single check box and LGW automatically pairs number 1 versus 2, and so on. Finally, if you still don't like the pairings, you can change the matchups immediately prior to entering the scores without having to revisit the schedule.

Quick Scoring

Quick Scoring

Using our easy to use, quick type scorecard you can quickly enter scores for your entire league. Once scores are entered, select which members participated in after handicap skins, click save and you're done. The software automatically calculates how many strokes to give per matchup from the hardest handicap hole on down and creates the reports for you. It saves you time and eliminates human error. Put that paper, pencil, and spreadsheet away forever.

Player Ranks, Statistics & Historical Trends

Player Ranks, Statistics & Historical Trends

Are you ready to measure yourself against other golfers in your league? In your city? State? LGW records a long list of statistics that you can view over time and courses. From Handicaps to Birdie Putt Conversions, you'll be able to see how your game improves (or where it needs improvement) throughout your golf career.

Other Features

Ultimate Flexibility For Your League's Rules

League Golfer Web has customization options for almost all points systems (by hole, by strokes, by holes won, by individual, by team), handicap establishment and ongoing rules, scheduling, adjusted gross calculations, ghost or absent players/teams, 9 or 18 hole leagues, and changing course leagues. We've also made migrating your league while keeping your existing handicaps as easy as possible. Fortunately, you only have to do the league configuration once and it will remember it for subsequent seasons.

  • Invite your friends
  • League basics
  • Choose your home course
  • Handicap basics
  • Handicap advanced
  • Scoring
  • Migrate handicaps from another league system (one time only)
  • Setup Team Memberships
  • Setup Schedule with Position Weeks and Randomizer

Automatic Accounting for Your Treasury

Simply enter the price per regular team, the number of installments allowed, and the amount each sub pays per round and LGW does the rest. Regardless if it's a two, three, or four person regular team, it automatically enters the appropriate ledger amount per each league member. As you enter rounds for subs, it knows that member is a sub and will add the appropriate ledger amount for each sub round played. After you enter each event's scores, simply check the members who paid and hit save. Your league can also view to the running ledger to know if they still owe and how much is available for your banquet.

Play Gross Score Skins and After Handicap Score Skins

Beyond hanging out with friends, leagues are good for handicaps that allow the playing field to be leveled regardless of golf skill level. Just like in league match play, the better golfers must give strokes to the higher handicapped golfers. After you enter your event's score, simply enter the buy in amount, the type of skins played (ties carry over or ties do not carry over), check the golfers who played in skins, and click save. A skins report is generated for that event normalizing each golfer's hole score after his handicap for the hole with YTD stats on events played, skins won, money won, and net money won.

After Handicap Scoring and Season Stats Summary

The lower handicapped golfers get all the glory and awards. Again, with handicaps, the league can have a level playing field. The Season Stats report shows the typical current handicap, minimum handicap, minimum gross score, min net (after handicap) score, eagles, birdies, pars, bogeys, and doubles and shows the atypical net double eagles, net eagles, net birdies, net pars, net bogeys, and net double bogeys. Not only will it spark conversation within the league, but also create end of year award categories. These statistics are automatically calculated after each event.

Printed Scorecards Prior To Each Round

Print out the automated scorecards with matchups, tee times, handicaps, and strokes given per match prior to coming to the course. Know who your opponents are and how they've done this season.

Team Summaries

View team statistics including low team gross, low team (after handicap) net, point totals, sub point totals, etc. from every team in the league.

Full Roster With Contact Information

Quickly contact any one in your league either by phone or email. Additional stats show who's active and not active in your league.

Seamless Integration Between League and Non League Rounds

Why fumble between two or even three sites or even worse, a Windows program on your league manager's computer? At LeagueGolfer.com, scores entered into your leagues are automatically added to personal profile. You do not need to reenter any data. Security is in place to not allow you to change any league round scores, but you can add putts, fairways, and sand saves (if your league manager doesn't do it for you). Simply enter rounds you play outside your league to get a comprehensive view of your golf career, stats, and skills.

Try Before You Buy

If you still have questions, visit our FAQ. If you're still not convinced, please click here to test out our demo site. You'll see live data and how easy to use LeagueGolfer.com really is.