League Golfer Mobile

Live scoring, live leaderboard, and instant messaging

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League Golfer Mobile Features

Manage your league on your phone. League Golfer Mobile is an optional, companion mobile app to League Golfer Web.

Live Leaderboard

Live Leaderboard

Have your foursomes enter their own scores in our mobile app as they play the round with live scoring. A live leaderboard will keep everyone abreast of match winners and points. Better yet, as rounds are completed, they're uploaded automatically and processed for skins, points, W/L/T and handicaps. You literally can walk off the course when your round is complete.

Mobile Messaging

League Messaging w/ Push Notifications

Now, you can communicate to your league instantly! No more waiting for phone calls or emails. Our convenient message board feature allows you to communicate as fast as SMS, but without all the clutter.

Live Scoring by Hole

Live Scoring by Hole

As golfers complete each hole, enter the scores into our mobile app to feed the live leaderboard. As rounds are completed, they're uploaded automatically to reduce data entry work by league administrators.

Mobile Scoring

Mobile Scoring After the Round

Score your league matches immediately after each round. League managers can also delegate scoring to the league’s members for quicker entry! As members of your league enter their scores into the mobile app, those scores are automatically entered into the website's scores for the league, reducing the responsibilities of the league manager.

Mobile Schedule

Quick Schedule View

See your schedule while you are out and about. No more waiting for the League Manager to notify you about your matches.


Full Roster With Contact Information

View your league’s roster and contact information. Click on any contact to send email, call on the phone or send an SMS text message.

In order to use the mobile app, the league manager needs to subscribe to mobile access for the entire league (all full time and all subs) from our website. Pricing to upgrade to mobile is $5 per full time golfer per year and is not included in the $99.00 website subscription. No fees will be paid by individual users of the mobile app at the time of download or as an in-app purchase. Their mobile access will be granted en masse once the league manager subscribes the league to mobile app access. Subs are free. Both web and mobile access come with our 21 day FREE trial that starts when your league starts play, not when you register.