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League Golfer Web FAQs

What is is Software as a Service (SaaS) offering the best web based, online golf league management software named League Golfer Web (LGW) and a mobile app named League Golfer Mobile (LGM) that save you time and improve accuracy by automating tedious tasks like handicap calculation, individual and team match scoring, and scheduling. We have testimonials of league administrators saving four hours per week. League members also benefit from ease of access to data such as the upcoming schedule, league contact sheet, match results, and message board even on mobile phones and in some cases just 10 minutes after the matches have been played. The optional mobile app offers live scoring, live leaderboard, and instant communication with push notifications.
Some words seem to be misspelled across the website. Why?
Legally, we're respecting protected trademarks and service marks after being asked by a major corporation (can you guess which one?). You'll see new spellings for "Handycap Index", "Course Handycap", "Course R@ting", "Slope R@ting", "Equit@ble Stroke Control (ESC)", "GAofUS" for a Golf Association of the US (also referenced as "pre-2020"), "World Handycap System (WHS)", and "HSofW" for Handicap System of the World (also referenced as "post-2020").
Do you support the new World Handycap System established in 2020?
Yes, you can setup your league to follow the new post-2020 handicap system of the world (HSofW) approved by major golf associations (or keep the previous pre-2020 system or use your own system). Frankly, we support ANY handicap system. You can choose a simple average handicap or a traveling handicap taking account of the courses' handicap ratings and slope r@tings. From the post-2020 rules and formulas which are documented widely across the internet, we've incorporated the most important features like max net double bogey via Equit@ble Stroke Control (ESC), course/match handicap in relation to par, and eight rounds counting towards handicap. To find out more, go to your league settings -> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Is the $119 price an annual fee?
Yes, the $119 provides a subscription for one league website with unlimited golfers for one year or 52 events, whichever comes first. Review and try our site before you buy. Each league comes with a 21 day FREE no obligation trial period that starts when your league starts play and not when you register. Our mobile app is not included in the $119 subscription to the league website. Continue reading for more information regarding our mobile app pricing.
Does the $119 League Golfer Web include access for all my league members or does each member need to purchase his own individual license as well?
The price includes each league member's (league player's) access to the league's website. Each player will have his own profile and be able to view all league information including the entire league's scoring, handicaps, point standings, stats, trends, rankings, scheduling, skins, treasury, roster, event pairing sheets, printed scorecards, message board, league rules and format, and more. Our mobile app is not included in the $119 subscription to the league website. Continue reading for more information regarding our mobile app pricing.
Do you have a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices? How much is it?
First, our website is mobile friendly. Just open your phone's browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) and type in Browser access is included with your $119 per league per season website subscription and can be accessed using any device's browser.

We now have mobile apps available for Apple iPhones and Google Android smart phones and devices. Using your phone, simply go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download our application named "League Golfer". For more information about our mobile app's features, please click here. The mobile app is an optional, companion product that enhances the website by adding instant messaging with instant push notifications (no more waiting on emails), live scoring, and live leaderboard. The mobile app comes with our same 21 day free trial period that starts when your league starts play, not when you register. Pricing to upgrade to mobile is $6 per full time golfer per year (or 52 events, whichever comes first) and is not included in your $119.00 league website subscription. Mobile access requires an existing league subscribed to web services and cannot work without web services. Mobile subscription payment will be made via our website as a single purchase by the league manager granting mobile access en masse to all league members. No fees will be paid by individual users of the app at the time of download or as an in-app purchase. Subs are free.
Why does the whole league have to pay $6 per full-time golfer to use mobile? Why can't just the users who download or use it pay?
Your mobile app users will use and consume our mobile services for every golfer of the league regardless if they've downloaded the app. For example, at the end of the round, you're entering scores for the entire league, not just a handful of people. You're holding us accountable for maintaining, scheduling, scoring, handicapping, contacting, etc. EVERY golfer on the mobile app.
Are there hidden costs like other Windows based golf software programs?
No. The $119 subscription includes the price of your league's "website." You don't have to pay an additional $30 or more per month to have a website (which you must maintain) like those Windows based golf programs. Your league's website is our primary business and not an afterthought like our competitors.

Our mobile app is not included in the $119 subscription price for your league's website and is an additional upgrade of $6 per full time golfer per year (or 52 events, whichever comes first). The mobile app is an optional companion to the website and is not required to use the website. This flexible pricing model allows all leagues to enjoy our services. Please read the above questions for more information on mobile pricing.
Does your system work with Apple Macintosh (Mac, iOS, iPadOS) computers and devices?
Yes, our system will natively work with any MacOS, Linux, Windows (11, 10, 8, RT, 7, etc.), iOS/iPadOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) or Android (phone or tablet) device as long as it has a modern browser and an internet connection. You do not need to use any type of emulation or virtualization software such as Parallels, BootCamp, etc. like our Windows-based competitors.
Do I need my own web server or need to know how to run a web server?
No. We are an online, 24/7 website unlike those Windows based golf software programs that require maintaining a program on your computer and the contents of your website. You simply login to our website, setup the league, enter the scores, sit back, and enjoy your league. There is nothing to install, nothing to export, nothing to upload, and most importantly, nothing to maintain. You don't need to know what FTP, HTML, PDF, CSV, etc. are. We are not kidding when we say everything is automatic. New features and updates are instantaneously available without having to download the latest version of a program. You can access our website through any internet connected device including Apple Macintosh (Mac) computers, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, and Windows Phone and not be chained to your computer at home. Further, you can grant administrator access to other league members without worrying about tranferring a dreaded software license key or activating software on a limited number of computers.
Can I print scorecards each week with all the matches and strokes given?
Yes, all league members can print the scorecards. Simply go to the "Next Event" tab -> Print Scorecards. Alternately, you can use the top "Leagues" drop down menu -> Print Scorecards.
Do you support multiple courses?
Yes, your league can be a traveling league which plays a different course every week or even multiple courses per event. The difference in course r@ting/difficulty will automatically be factored if you're using a differential (GAofUS or HSofW) formula. Go to your league's Advanced Settings -> Season Settings.
What type of golf league CANNOT use this software/website?
Our software/website is best used for leagues that have regular members and meet on a regular basis. Our website cannot be used to run tournaments or scrambles where the majority of the participants are new, unknown, constantly changing, or walk-up members. Our software also does not support divisions or interleague play. For example, if you setup two leagues and invite the same golfers to each league, you cannot score Golfer1 in LeagueA versus Golfer2 in LeagueB.
What type of golf league CAN use this software/website?
Any relatively constant group of golfers that meets on a regular basis can use our website. Leagues can play nine or 18 hole rounds. Matchups within the league can take place simultaneously on the front or back nine or even at a different golf course if needed. We support changing golf course leagues. We also accommodate 9, 27 and 36 hole golf courses. Teams can be between one and 12 players per team. We also support leagues with an odd number of regular teams/individuals. Play by your league's existing rules or format without compromising long standing traditions. We are hard pressed to find a league that we cannot support. is the most flexible, advanced golf league management website available with point systems for match, medal (stroke play), Stableford (gross score and net score), hole-by-hole match, hole-by-hole low net (best ball), against the field (like the FedEx Cup), or any combination of those point systems for both individual and team points. Click here to see our scoring options. We also give you the ability to give or take points away for rewards or penalties for anything else we haven't covered. Subs and absentee/ghost players are automatically calculated without the need to create dummy teams or players. We also have an exclusive "virtual golfer" feature that allows a team member to play a virtual match in place of his absent partner against the opposing team's other partner (i.e. he's simultaneously playing two matches against his opposing team's players) for both individual and team points. NOTE: The virtual golfer feature is only available for 2 versus 2 leagues.
Can we play against the field or league?
Yes, we've built a LeagueGolfer Cup season-long, aggregate leaderboard similar to the FedEx Cup where your after handicap net scores (individual gross minus par minus individual handicap) are ranked against everyone else playing that week. Lowest net gets the points equal to the number of full time golfers. Second lowest net gets one point less than the number of full time golfers, etc. Tied players split the points among positions tied. You can even give points for showing up and shooting under handicap. You can even assign custom points if you don't like our system. You also choose the number of best rounds that count toward the Cup so golfers don't have to be present each week to be in contention. Our Cup can be played simultaneously with team and individual matches. Click here to see a sample of our Cup standings. Click here to see our Cup scoring options.
My league uses flights. Can we use your website?
We need to clarify the word "flights." Flights can be used across a team or across a league. At, we use the definition of flights across a team to rank the members of each team in the league from lowest handicap to highest handicap. The lowest handicapped golfer on each team is flight A, the second lowest on the same team is flight B, etc. We rank the players across the teams so we can pair the matchups for scoring purposes - golfer A on team 1 duels golfer A on team 2, golfer B on team 1 duels golfer B on team 2, etc. If you use flights across a team, then we can accommodate your league.

When leagues have flights across a league, it typically means there are a group of individuals with a certain handicap (flight A) and another group of individuals with a higher handicap (flight B), etc. Typically, the members of flight A only play other members of flight A and are not regularly scheduled to play members of flight B during the season. Occasionally subbing out of flight does not constitute "regularly scheduled." If you use flights across the league, we consider each flight as its own separate individual versus individual league and each flight would require its own annual subscription of our software. We do it this way because separating the randomized schedule, the overall points standings, the treasury, the teams, etc. among the flights is too difficult. In reality, flight A is a separate group from flight B and would probably prefer not being included in the other's correspondence, messages, email, standings, schedule, etc.
My league plays 3 different courses. Can we use your website?
Yes, our site supports any number of golf courses and even golf courses not currently in our database. We support 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, and 72 hole golf courses. You only need to enter your golf course's scorecard once into our database and it will remember it forever. To change golf courses during league play, you'd use our League Settings -> Current Golf Course settings page.
My league plays the front and back holes at our golf course simultaneously. Can we use your website?
Yes, our site supports front and back rounds in the same event. Click here to see how it's done.
My league splits the season into halves, thirds or quarters. We also play practice rounds that shouldn't count toward the overall standings and/or handicap. Can we use your website?
Yes, our site supports a feature called "mini-seasons" and each season can be split into any number of mini-seasons. Click here to see the mini-season settings. Yes, you also can setup mini-seasons where the points don't count toward the overall standings. You also can setup practice rounds where the round score does not update (i.e. not counted in) the handicap calculation.
Is an email address required to add a member to my league?
No, email addresses are not required but highly encouraged. We want each league member to have 24/7 access to his or her own profile and league information (and not have to bother league managers with questions about tee times, scoring, updates, etc.). Free email accounts are available from Google (Gmail), Yahoo, Hotmail and other service providers. In fact, we recommend a free account since business/employee accounts may block emails. When your members manage their own contact information (email address, phone number, etc.), members can easily request subs and build your league's "community" through the message board, email, and phone. We also respect your and your members' privacy and will not sell or contact the email addresses you enter into this site unless they OPT-IN. All members are defaulted to OPT-OUT.
Is there an off-line mode we can use at the course at the end of the round?
No, requires an internet connection. In many leagues, the league manager uses the free WiFi connection at the course clubhouse. Also, some of our customers use a laptop broadband card, a tethered laptop, an Apple iPhone, an Apple iPad, an Android phone, or Android tablet to access while at the course. Updated scoring, handicaps, point standings, and skins game can be completed in 10 minutes (or the time it takes to drink a frosty beverage).
Can the system calculate skins or other games at the course?
It calculates both gross score skins and after handicap net score skins immediately after the scores are entered for the round. Assuming you enter the scores immediately at the course (like many of our users do), then yes, you can score the skins game and payout at the golf course. You also have the option of disabling handicap strokes for net skins on Par 3 holes (zero handicap strokes subtracted for net score).
Will the system keep results forever, or does it reset every year?
League Golfer Web will retain all league stats and information as long as annual subscriptions are renewed.
Do the stats build year over year?
Yes, the league stats will build over the year and year to year for as long as the league continues to subscribe to services.
Does it only work for team based play, or can it accommodate every man for himself?
There are three types of leagues - individual vs individual, 2 vs 2 and n vs n (where n can be between 3 and 12 golfers per team). All of them have the same advanced features such as scheduling, handicapping, scoring, skins game, etc. and can simultaneously accommodate any combination of point systems including Stableford (gross and net score), hole-by-hole net score, overall net score (medal or stroke play), overall skins (match play), team net score (team medal or stroke play), team match play, hole-by-hole team combined net score, hole-by-hole team low net (team best ball), and ghost/absentee play. Net score means the after handicap net score of a player on a particular hole (Gross hole score minus player's hole handicap minus hole par).

We also offer a "play against the field" or "play against the course" feature called LeagueGolfer Cup. Like the FedEx Cup, it offers a season-long, customizable, aggregate point system independent of the points sytems above. You can assign custom, weekly points for showing up, shooting under par, and positions. Players are ranked each week by how they shot versus their handicap (individual gross minus par minus individual handicap).
Can I use Equit@ble Stroke Control?
Yes. We support Equit@ble Stroke Control (ESC) which allows you to cap the number of strokes per hole that count towards a golfer's new handicap. You can setup a net double bogey (post-2020 rules) system, the pre-2020 rule system, your own custom limits or disable ESC altogether. Click here to see your choices for setting ESC and the rounds in your handicap. Click here to see the number of rounds to include in your handicap calculation.
Can I delegate weekly score entry to another administrator? Can the teams enter their own scores?
Yes, you can make any other league member an administrator clicking to this page. Yes, teams can also enter their own scores once you enable team self scoring. In short, you have to confirm a few settings such as golf course played, date played, and the matchups in the Self Scoring Prework before the matches are played. Teams can enter their own scores on the website or optional mobile app.
Your site has so many features. Is it hard to use?
We pride ourselves in making our features and website as simple to use as possible. Our motto is Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS). Initial setup of your league won't take more than 15 minutes. Weekly input of your league's scores won't take more than 15 minutes. Almost everything is automated saving you time and improving accuracy. If you ever need any support, we also pride ourselves in prompt, personal, knowledgeable replies to every email according to our members' testimonials.